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Corrugated paper and cardboard

When it comes to corrugated paper and cardboard, we have everything you could possibly wish for, both in terms of material and expertise. At Apak you will find corrugated paper, single face corrugated board, micro-board (F-flute), traditional single-wall corrugated board, Asbestos , double wall corrugated board and triple wall corrugated board.

Corrugated board has long been the most widely used packaging material because it is strong and durable as well as easy to use , reusable, and affordable. The material’s “sandwich construction” is extremely strong in relation to its weight and today as much as 84 percent of all corrugated cardboard in Sweden is recycled, 77 percent of which is used to make new corrugated boxes. Corrugated board is therefore, not only light and strong, but also very environmentally friendly.

“We partner with only the very best manufacturers, and place the same demands on them as on ourselves!”
In collaboration with Volvo, we have developed the Emballage 100 Series packaging concept, a proprietary and comprehensive system for picking, packing, and pallet stacking that has become an industry standard. This concept provides significant efficiency gains and is a good example of what integrated solutions can achieve. Every year, millions of units are processed using the Emballage 100 model throughout the European market.