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Custom solutions

Over the years we have, together with our clients, developed a wide range of solutions that prove that the impossible is always possible. You just have to approach the problem in the right way!

We have an almost unlimited ability to create customized solutions in our prodcut areas, providing the best possible solution, whatever the problem.

Test equipment

At Apak, we believe that knowledge of quality (and how to achieve it) is perhaps the most important key to meeting our customers’ requirements and needs. That is why we have invested in comprehensive testing equipment for measuring our primary products most important quality parameters. We perform Box Compression Tests (BCT), Edge Crush Tests (ECT), Burst Strength Tests (BST), Flat Crush Tests (FCT), and Four Point Bending Stiffness; all in accordance with ISO requirements. Our test equipment is adapted for cardboard and solid carton and we also use this equipment for quality control when developing new raw materials for our customers.

To further strengthen our sales team, we have our own cad designer, who manages our cutting table, and our own graphic designer. This means we can provide you the customer with rapid samples or test products, not only for construction but for any labels or print. That way you can see what the actual packaging will look like in reality.



We have a total of 19,000 square meters of floor space and 30,000 pallet positions in four strategically selected locations in Sweden; Mölndal, Eskilstuna, Ystad and Tibro. At these locations we employ some twenty employees to ensure that everything functions in the best possible way. Our comprehensive wharehousing facilities enable us to offer you the storage and handling you need, regardless of scale.