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Everything we have ever done was impossible before it was done.

Over the years we have, together with our clients, developed a wide range of solutions that prove that the impossible is always possible. You just have to approach the problem in the right way!

Our wide array of products gives an almost unlimited ability to create the best possible packaging solution for the problem at hand. We have the material, the equipment, and, last but certainly no least the experience and knowledge to get the job done!

At Apak, we believe that knowledge of quality (and how to achieve it) is perhaps the most important key to meeting our customers’ requirements and needs. That is why we have invested in comprehensive testing equipment for measuring our primary products most important quality parameters. We perform Box Compression Tests (BCT), Edge Crush Tests (ECT), Burst Strength Tests (BST), Flat Crush Tests (FCT), and Four Point Bending Stiffness; all in accordance with ISO requirements. Our test equipment is adapted for cardboard and solid carton and we also use this equipment for quality control when developing new raw materials for our customers.