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At aPak we work according to the Zero Defect program. 

The concept of Zero Defect promotes a constant, conscious desire to do a job right the first time where the performance of our employees have a crucial role. We want to do things right the first time but if faults still occur, we always ask ourselves why? as many times as it takes until we find the root cause of the failure. We know for a fact that once we have found ”the root cause” we can change things from the core and be sure that we are constantly getting better and better.

”At aPak we strive towards a zero fault principal, also known as Zero Defect!”

REACH och RoHS deklarationer

Download our REACH and RoHS declarations. Please contact our supply chain manager ( if you have further questions regarding the declarations.


APak is certified under ISO 9001:2015, which ensures that we maintain a consistently high quality. Our zero defect program combined with the continuous improvement of our business allows our customers to always receive the highest quality in all contacts with us.

Our environmental management system is also certified under ISO 14001:2015 and our policy is based on our products and services to always be as environmentally friendly as possible. Read more about our environmental values here.


Protection covers not only our customer’s goods and products, but also their reputation, image and bottom line. But for us, the meaning of the word protection is greater than that. For us, protection is also about caring for the surroundings and the environment in the best possible way with respect for those in and around it. Reda more.