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APAK – Är skandinaviska mästare på nytt

Vi har gjort det igen! APak AB har vunnit Scanstar, de Skandinaviska mästerskapen i förpackning, med de två skräddarsydda förpackningslösningarna, Miljöboxen och Protector Bags. Bakom tävlingen står förpackningsorganisationen Scandinavian Packaging Association (SPA), som varje år utser Skandinaviens främsta förpackningslösningar.


“More and more brand owners replace or reduce the amount of plastic in their packaging. This is a good example from Arvid Nilsson that delivers nails and screws to the construction industry. Instead of using plastic or traditional paper boxes, they have, together with the Swedish company Apak developed a waterproof paperbox that is reclosable with a distinctive click sound. The Eco Box can handle a heavy load and withstand the tough outdoor climate for weeks thanks to the unique folding, the undivided bottom and sides in combination with a laminated surface. It can be folded, glued, packed and sealed by machine”.

– The Scanstar Jury

Protector Bags

“Protector Bags are paper based bags with a protective inside, used to transport door panels for the car industry. According to the jury this is a simple, efficient, space-saving and recyclable solution and the jury liked the simplicity of the concept. With this packaging solution, the user gets a reduced cost and increased efficiency. It is used by Volvo Group Trucks and reduces their overall cost with more than 70 percent. It is totallyplastic free”.

– The Scanstar Jury

Med vinsten från Scanstar i bagaget fortsätter resa nu mot världsmästerskapen, Worldstar, där de båda vinnarna gör upp om titeln som världens främsta förpackningslösning!